Suitable for a studio that does not have access to load bearing walls or ceiling. Our solution is a strong, floor-mounted, out-of-the-box package with 14 punching bags to keep up with your class size. The SMAI X-Frame is manufactured from 65mm x 65mm steel tubing with a huge 5mm commercial wall thickness and finished in a durable black powder coat. The SMAI boxing bags are fitted to the beam with a hole exchange hook. This means that after years of friction wear and tear you can replace the exchange hook without having to touch the structure of your frame or have any damage to the main frame or the bags itself. This unique arrangement is completely freestanding and can hold 14 x 6ft bags with the addition of 6 foam pole protectors, so you can effectively get another 6 hitting surfaces from the frame. With a completely modular X-Frame range it is easy to upgrade as your class grows to suit your diverse training needs.


  • Total footprint size 6.2m x 3.2m
  • 6 x 2.59m Uprights
  • 7 x 3m Mammoth Crossbeam
  • 6 x Black Foam Pole Protector
  • 14 x Exchange Hooks
  • 14 x 6ft Punch Bags
  • X-Frame parts made from strong steel and finished in durable black powder coat
  • Includes all high tensile Nuts & Bolts