Orders, refunds and exchanges

Thanks for shopping with us. 

We do our best to help you get the right product for your money at the best price. Sometimes, things go wrong. When they do, we'd like to fix it. Instances where we will refund, exchange, or replace a product are when:

We send you the wrong product

We send you a faulty product

We send you a product that isn't as it was described

We send you a product that is defective in nature

(where applicable, all suppliers have different warranties. We can assist you if a product is still within a warranty period and has a genuine manufacturers fault).


We won't 

Replace, refund, or exchange an order that is due to a change of mind

Replace, refund, or exchange an order that was ordered incorrectly

Replace, refund or exchange an order that is not the size you requested

Replace, refund, or exchange an order that has been seized, lost, or stolen by customs in your country. It's your responsibility to ensure you are aware of your region's governing laws. 


We will

Help you if a freight provider has lost, stolen, or damaged an order. We have arrangements with freight providers to assist our clients if this happens. 

If you're unsure about anything BEFORE YOU ORDER, please get in touch with us. We will make sure you order the right product the first time. 


A word on freight

We try to keep costs low with a $29 flat rate charge on freight, world wide. Sometimes, due to either destination or weight and / or dimensions of product or some other reason, freight might cost more than $29. In nearly all cases, we'll do our best to absorb the cost of freight, however we offer no guarantees that freight is this price all the time. Where freight practicality exceeds the limits of our network and the cost is significantly higher than $29, we will contact you with a quote for the balance of freight charge. In such cases where you do not wish to pay any possible additional freight charge, we will cancel and gladly refund your order.