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Sensei's Martial Arts Store

We provide premium quality martial arts equipment.

We aim to provide you with the highest quality equipment at the best price. We service all martial arts systems including boxing and kick boxing. In addition, our product line up has been expanded to cater for the fitness professional looking for training equipment to get the best results for their clients.

Sensei’s Martial Arts Store stocks:

  • Sandee
  • Adidas
  • Morgan
  • SMAI
  • Conquer
  • CAS Hanwei
  • Cold Steel
  • United Cutlery
  • and much much more
Sensei's Martial Arts Store
Master Instructor belt

Our Services

We prove gym fit out services, offer a mobile service and provide personalised fit up sessions to fighters looking to have only the best equipment. With more products and services being added to the line up continuously, we are constantly developing our products and services to meet the rigorous demands of the top fighter to the beginner in their first personal training session. We can customise apparel, gear and weapons to suit your needs for training and fighting.

Get in touch today for some advice on where to train or how to get the most out of your training.

A one of a kind place from humble beginnings.

The Sensei's Martial Arts Store story.

From strength to strength, the operation expanded beyond the living room into a dedicated premises at Shop 4, Barker Street in Rooty Hill. The store everyone came to love. The small premises that seemed to have everything a warehouse had, and more importantly, provided the service and advice no other martial arts store, has or will provide.

After more than 30 years operating the business, Sensei Phil decided to sell the business, but wanted to do so to someone who would be responsible and guard the reputation of the store. In September 2016, Sensei Phil sold the business to Mr Paul Gittany, another martial artist from a legitimate system.

Today, the store occupies a premises 3 times larger than the original small store, and has improved on the product range, service and advice that Sensei Phil had always intended it to be.

We believe the store is Australia’s leading martial arts store because of the ever expanding product range, the knowledge and advice, and the best value for money deals any martial artist can get, anywhere. Unlike the competition, we pride ourselves on ensuring martial artists always have the right gear, not the most expensive, or most well known brands, but what suits the need of the practitioner.

We believe every martial artist, from white belt, to 10th degree black belt, and everything in between should always #EquipToConquer

About Paul and his team

Mr Paul Gittany trained in boxing from a very young age, under his uncle who was a fighter for many years. While this training was casual in nature, over a period of many years, the theory and practice of combat and martial arts was an interest. The age old question of “Who would win in a fight?” never was put to rest.

After spending time researching and visiting gyms, dojo’s and training centres over a period of 4 years, finally, a hidden gem was discovered. Kenpo. A quick search on the internet revealed there were many types of Kenpo and Kempo.

One visit to Mr Gittany’s current instructor was enough to start the addiction to having questions answered. Mr Gittany has been teaching while still attending classes with his instructor. Mr Gittany is a fourth generation student of Mr Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate system. A clear lineage is defined between Mr Gittany and Mr Ed Parker.

The team you will find in the store, are martial artists. We pride ourselves on knowing the language you speak, and speaking the language you know. The team in store are from different training backgrounds. There is always someone in store, online, or on the other end of the phone who can help you identify what product you’re looking for. Being in store is a commitment of quality and excellence to the martial artist. The store is not a place where you will find people who just watch the clock while the next shipment of boxing gloves are ordered and sold. You will learn something everytime you enter the store.

When you enter the store, you come for the product, but leave with the experience.

Our intentions are still the same, to supply good quality martial arts equipment to instructors and their students.

Hand over day between Sensei Phil Chapman (Right) and Mr Paul Gittany (Left) in September 2016

Paul and Phil

Sensei's Martial Arts Store #EquipToConquer